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Sheriff Sales are Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am in the Lobby outside of the Sheriffs Office in the city county building at 501  E. Court Ave., Jeffersonville.
 Anyone bidding on property must bring a letter of Available Funds  from the bank to John Hawkins at the Sheriffs Office.
 The letter must state the amount of money that is available to that person so I know that person can bid up to that amount of money on the property for sale.
 The person that places the highest bid for the property must pay into the Sheriffs Office the day of the sale, the full amount that was bid on the property.
                                                             **N O T I C E **

You Cannot Look at the properties prior to the Sale other than driving by and look at the
exterior. Most Houses still have the owners living in them.You cannot find out what the
opening bid is for the properties until the morning of the sale. The Mortgage Company
does not say what the opening bid is prior to the sale. Any Delinquent Property Taxes are
paid prior to the Sale. You will be responsible for any Taxes that are coming due.



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                                  S  H  E  R  I  F  F *  S  A  L  E  S

Jan 7          239 N  Fern St., Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Jan 7          12003  Lewis Drive, Sellersburg
Jan 7          4156  Lakeside Drive, Sellersburg
Jan 7          301  Webster Blvd., Jeffersonville
Jan 7          1709 Jonquil Dr., Jeffersonville
Jan 7          3505  Washington Ct., Jeffersonville
Jan 7          1424  East 9th Street, Jeffesonville
Jan 7          906  Virginia Ave., Clarksville
Jan 7          1704  Lynch Lane, Clarksville***CANCELLED***

Jan 9          419  W Carter Ave., Clarksville***CANCELLED***
Jan 9          1548  Cliftwood Drive, Clarksville      
Jan 9          1312  Sportsman Drive, Jeffersonville
Jan 9          221  Indianola Street, Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Jan 9          35  Center Street, Jeffersonville
Jan 9          938 1/2  East Court Ave., Jeffersonville
Jan 9          338  Ridge Road, Charlestown
Jan 9          102  and 104  Riley Ave., Charlestown
Jan 9          22716  Marysville Rd., Marysville

Jan 14        230  Clark Rd., Charlestown
Jan 14        911  N Taggart Ave., Clarksville
Jan 14        240  Ehringer Lane, Sellersburg
Jan 14        5511  Henryville Otisco Rd., Henryville
Jan 14        721  East 9th Street, Jeffersonville

Jan 16        8510  Twin Springs Drive, Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Jan 16        3005  Pebble Brook Court, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Jan 16        1028  Redwood Drive, Clarksville***CANCELLED***
Jan 16        175  Maple Dr., Charlestown

Jan 21         12106  Greenbriar Blvd., Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Jan 21         2205  Shadowbrook Lane, Jeffersonville
Jan 21         216  Talina Dr., Charlestown***CANCELLED***

Jan 28         6014  Carr Circle, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Jan 28         8319  Plum Valley Drive, Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Jan 28         229  Fallsview Drive, Clarksville

Feb 11         1123  Highland Dr., Jeffersonville

Feb 13        117  Vine Court, Borden

Feb  18        427 Reba Jackson Dr., Jeffersonville
Feb  18        218  Savannah Nicole Road, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Feb  18        103  E  Loma Vista Drive, Jeffersonville
Feb  18        8826  Woodford Dr., Charlestown

Feb  25        2015  East 8th Street, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED**
Feb  25        1705  Beaumont Drive, Clarksville
Feb  25        813  East Ct. Ave., Jeffersonville

Feb  27        510 West Main Street, Borden

Mar  3rd      1213  Aldridge Dr., Jeffersonville
Mar  3rd      325  Fairfield Ave., Charlestown
Mar  3rd      1802-1804  E. Tenth Street, Jeffersonville

Mar 10th      3012  Perimeter Drive, Jeffersonville