Q.  I filed a police report. How long does it take until I can pick it up?
A.  Generally, it takes about two business days before reports are ready for pick-up. To inquire on reports contact our records department at 812-283-4471 ext. 3121 or 3123. 

For information regarding traffic citations click here.

Jail Frequently Asked Questions...

Q.  How do I post an inmates bond?
A.  For your convenience, cash or surety and court cash bonds are collected twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. However, during business hours we would prefer that bonds be paid at the clerks office. Cash only bonds must be paid directly to the Clerk of Courts. Their telephone number is 812-285-6244.

Q.  How do I find out the status of an inmates case / court dates?
A.  Court information for most cases may be obtained online by logging on to http://mycase.in.gov/default.aspx. You may also contact the court directly or contact the jail and we will provide you with the information we have. See the telephone directory link on this page for a listing of court telephone numbers.

Q.  When / how can I leave an inmate money?
A.  Money orders may be sent via mail and will be posted to the inmates account the next business day. However, the sender's information must be filled out or the money order will be returned.

Q.  Can I pick up an inmates property
A.  Yes. During business hours, Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 11:30am, you may pick up an inmates property. However, the inmate must first sign a release. All property may be released except clothing.

Q.  Why do inmates receive a debit card in lieu of cash when they are released?
A.  All money must be accounted for and placed on an account for each individual in custody of our facility. This is a requirement of the Indiana State Board of Accounts. Debit cards may not be available at the time of an inmates release due to the accounting process.

Q.  How long will I have to wait once an inmate is released from court?
A.  There are a number of processes that must take place before an inmate may be released from our facility. This may take on average at least on hour, but in some cases may take longer. However, we make every attempt to make your wait as short as possible.

Q.  Can an inmates physician call in prescriptions to the jail or pharmacy?
A.  No. The jail Nurse Practitioner is the only care provider allowed to prescribe medications in the jail. However, currently prescribed medications are considered.

Q.  Can I bring an inmates medication from home?
A.  No. However, you may bring the empty prescription bottles to help us provide the appropriate medication. On some occasions medication will be accepted but only with prior approval from our medical department.

Q.  Is there a charge for medication?
A.  No. There is no charge for medication. However, there is a five dollar prescription handling fee that is charged per medication given, even if the medication is accepted from outside of the facility.

Q.  Do inmates receive medication such as Methadone or Suboxone?
A.  No. Our facility is not licensed to distribute these medications.

Q.  What Items may I leave / send inmates?
A.  The Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex does not accept items from outside of the facility with the following exceptions:

  • Prescription eyeglasses will be accepted with prior approval from the jail commander.
  • Books may be sent to inmates. However, they must be shipped from the store from which they are purchased. Hard back books are not accepted. Books become property of the jail library upon an inmates release.
  • Inmates may receive photographs via mail. However, they may not be illicit or pornographic in nature. Polaroid pictures are not accepted.

Q.  What Items can inmates purchase while incarcerated?
A.  Inmates may purchase a wide variety of products from our commissary while incarcerated. These include hygiene products, a large selection of various foods, stationary, phone cards, radios, board and card games, and clothing. Arrangements to purchase shoes may be made thru our commissary department.

Q.  When I was released, my drivers license was not returned. Who has my drivers license?
A.  When you are arrested for operating while intoxicated your drivers license is attached with the arresting officer's paperwork and is sent to the prosecutors office until the status of your drivers license is determined in court. In this case, you will receive a pink receipt for your drivers license until your court date. If you were arrested for another driving offense such as driving while suspended, your drivers license may have been seized by law enforcement.